KIST Teaching Hospital

Mahalaxmi Municipality, Ward No 1, Lalitpur, Nepal

Internal Medicine


The Department of Medicine aims to provide holistic, quality and compassionate care to patients.

Departmental Services

In addition to in-patient and outdoor services, Department of Medicine with its subspecialties provides services:

·         Upper GI Endoscopy (Diagnostic and Therapeutic)

·         Colonoscopy (Diagnostic and Therapeutic)

·         ERCP (Diagnostic and Therapeutic)

·         Hemodialysis

·         Peritoneal Dialysis

·         Pulmonary Function Test

Additionally, the Department of Medicine together with Department of Anesthesiology provides a state of the art care to the patients in our 14 bedded mixed Medical-Surgical ICU.


Prof.Dr.Milesh Jung Sijapati

Professor MBBS,MD 4261

Prof. Dr. Sita Ram Choudhary

Professor MBBS, M in Med 402

Dr. Sagar Kumar Duwal Shrestha

Lecturer MBBS, MD, DM 4704

Dr. Santosh Gautam

Lecturer MBBS,MD 9894

Dr. Mukesh Prasad Sah

Lecturer MBBS,MD 9792

Dr. Suman Simkhada

Lecturer MBBS,MD 9592

Dr. Elina Mulmi

Lecturer MBBS,MD 13886

Dr. Avinash Chandra

Lecturer MBBS,MD 14816

Dr. Prayush Sharma

Lecturer MBBS,MD 11557

Dr. Bikram Bir Bajracharya

Lecturer MBBS,MD 9595

Dr. Ramesh Kandel

Lecturer MBBS,MD 10657