Research Format

KIST Medical College and Teaching Hospital

Format for submission of research proposal to

Institutional Review Committee (IRC)


(This should be specific and precise. It should not be more than 2 to 3 lines long, and should indicate what one intends to do/find out.)


(Type here)




Name              Qualifications Academic Title          Department                Institution



Executive Summary



(This MUST NOT BE MORE THAN one page OF AN A4 SHEET, and should include :-) 


  1. The type of research study

(Type here)


  1. The problem [to be studied]

(Type here)


  1. The objectives

(Type here)


  1. Methodology

(Type here)


  1. Expected findings and their dissemination.

(Type here)


STUDY DETAILS (please start on a fresh page)


Background information and introduction

This should include:- 

A review of the relevant literature, it should be most current. (Majority being in the past five to ten years at most)


(Type here)


Rationale/justification for the research project:

There should be a statement explaining why the researcher[s] feel the research project is important and therefore should be carried out, (Explain, defend, and/or prove that the current literature (if any) and current findings (if any) on the given problem are inadequate, outdated, and/or inaccurate).


(Type here)


Objectives of the study


[i] General

The main issues that are being looked at/for;


[ii] Specific

The specific issues that are being looked at/for; These must be measurable, either qualitatively or quantitatively and form a guide to the research methodology, data analysis and presentation of results.


(Type here)



This should be very detailed as it is your guide on how the study will be done as well as the data analysis.  It should provide relevant information on the study design, e.g. case – control / prospective, descriptive / randomized clinical trial / double - blind clinical trial / cross sectional study, and should reflect exactly what the researchers intend to do.

i] Study Design

(Type here)

ii] Study Place

            (Type here)

iii] Study Population

            (Type here)

iv] Study Period

            (Type here)

v] Sample Size

            (Type here)

vi] Data Collection

Details on:-

What information is going to be looked for / collected? (Include the pro forma/questionnaire).

How that is going to be done (e.g. laboratory test, with provision of appropriate details). 


Requirements for that- e.g. reagents, culture media, blood samples and their relevant tests etc. It should include - who is going to do each of the aspects of data collection (e.g. who will draw blood, perform the tests, do the physical examination, interview the study group, etc).

(Type here)


vii] Data Management and Analysis

Details should be provided on how the collected data is going to be managed, (e.g. coding) Details on data analysis, including the statistical tests to be used (e.g. regression analysis / student’t’ test of significance) for specific associations. The computer package to be used in data entry and analysis (SPSS / EPI – INFO/Epi Data, etc) should be mentioned.

(Type here)

Expected Results:

(Type here)


Ethical Considerations

-                              What ethical issues need to be addressed.

-                              How are they going to be addressed.

            (Type here)




Details should be provided on what the research project will require. e.g. 

- Personnel - and their individual roles

- Training (of whom, why, when, where, by who)

- Paper - for the questionnaires, reports, etc.

- Transport - what form and for what (Field work/sample collection etc).

- Reagents - which/how much of each and for what.

- Drugs - which, how much of each, for what, their source(s).

- Space - how that will be obtained, where, when.

(Type here)


Budgetary Estimates

                    (Type here)




The cited literature should be as current as possible and include locally available information. These should be in the internationally accepted format –e.g. Vancouver Style

(Type here)



Scientific basis


(Scientific background of the study)


Expected outcomes or impacts of research


Privacy and confidentiality


Proposed starting date:

Proposed finishing date:


About consent and its format attached or not:


Pro-forma/Protocol/ Questionnaires attached or not:


Declaration by principal investigator

The information supplied in this application is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, accurate.  I have considered the ethical issues involved in this research and believe that I have adequately addressed them in this application.  I understand that if the protocol for this research changes in any way, I must inform the ethics committee.

Name &Signature of Principal Investigator:         




Date of Submission: _____________________                  

Message from the Chairman
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I have great pleasure in thanking you for your wise consideration in admitting...

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