KIST Teaching Hospital

Mahalaxmi Municipality, Ward No 1, Lalitpur, Nepal


Patients admitted to the General Ward of KIST Teaching Hospital must pay bed charges in advance at KIST Hospital management's rates. Patients can receive doctor consultations, certain basic investigations, life-saving medications and surgical supplies, as well as food counseling and intravenous fluids, among other things.

Following a reference from their medical doctor, patients should contact the Hospital Director Office for assignment in Private Wards or Cabins. A waiting list is kept, and the private room is assigned according to the order on the list. The front desk can provide information about hospitalization fees for private rooms.

There are the following amenities available:

Cabin Deluxe

Cabin room for one

Cabin with two beds

·        To provide top quality medical care, all of the wards are completely equipped with modern gadgets and equipment, such as ventilators, monitors, defibrillators, nebulizers, central O2 & suction supplies, and so on.

·        Indoor services include central air conditioning, hot and cold water, restrooms, portable X-ray machines, and ECG services, as well as generator backup, emergency lights, an internal phone, and attendant chairs, among other things.

·        Operation Theatres: The institute offers completely equipped modern operating rooms where all types of major and small surgeries are conducted utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and technology.

·        The hospital charges for very poor patients may be waived by Administration on the advice of the treating doctor and the HOD. The hospital may not be able to give expensive drugs or surgical materials.

·        Cabin ward amenities include adjoining toilets and bath rooms, sofas, a bed for the attendant, chairs and tables, and an emergency light.