KIST Teaching Hospital

Mahalaxmi Municipality, Ward No 1, Lalitpur, Nepal

Family Medicine


It is our pride to state good example of women empowerment as we have all female faculties in our department. As clinicians we have dual role as a family physician we give holistic care to the patient as well as contribute on preventive medicine, early screening of disease by health packages on the other hand we are competently dealing with all the emergencies & challenges with the best of our knowledge & staffs.



Prof. Dr. Kabita Hada Batajoo

Professor MBBS, MDGP 3639

Dr. Trishna Shrestha

Lecturer MBBS, MDGP 9531

Dr. Sneha Pradhananga

Lecturer MBBS, MDGP 9905

Dr. Bindu Pandey K.C.

Lecturer MBBS, MDGP 6536

Dr. Prajjwal Malla

Lecturer MBBS, MDGP 12785

Dr. Alok Kumar

Lecturer MBBS, MDGP -

Dr. Pratisha Pradhan

Lecturer MBBS, MDGP -