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Mahalaxmi Municipality, Ward No 1, Lalitpur, Nepal


Pharmacology is the science of drugs and their effect on living systems. You can find pharmacology present everywhere. In medicine cabinets, when you visit the dentists and when you take any type of medication. Pharmacology is also responsible for painkillers, caffeine drinks and antibiotics. It is the science of what is happening to your body and to the drug itself.

Every medication we take alters the chemistry within our body. The role of pharmacology is to understand why these changes are happening, allowing us to develop better drugs.

Pharmacology is crucial for:

·         discovering new medicines to help fight diseases

·         improving the effectiveness of medicines

·         reducing unwanted side effects of medicines

·         understanding why individuals differ in the way they respond to certain drugs, and why some others cause addiction



Prof. Dr. Kumud Kumar Kafle

Professor MBBS,MD 649

Dr. Nisha Jha

Associate Professor M- Pharm, PhD G059

Ms. Omi Bajracharya

Lecturer M- Pharm G152

Dr. Tejendra Manandhar

Lecturer BDS, MD 9559

Dr. Pragya Devkota

Lecturer MBBS,MD 11640

Dr. Sajala Kafle

Lecturer MBBS,MD 6888