KIST Teaching Hospital

Mahalaxmi Municipality, Ward No 1, Lalitpur, Nepal

Message From Er. Ashish Thapa

Dear parents and students,


I have great pleasure in thanking you for your wise consideration in admitting your child at the KIST Medical College. In the past decade of time span the college and its teaching hospital have experienced all round growth and is now one of the preferred destinations for undergraduate medical and dental education in the country. 

I and the Board of Directors are committed to provide opportunity to all our students for their intellectual, spiritual, social and physical growth and equip them with the skills necessary to successfully face future professional challenges. Like all new institutions we have faced and continue to face a number of challenges but our team has successfully overcome these challenges and converted them to stepping stones for growth. The MBBS program is running in full fledge under the guidance and supervision of eminent medical educators.

I am pleased to share with you that the graduates of MBBS and BDS programs are dedicated in delivering quality health services in different hospitals in the nation and many of them are enrolled for their postgraduation in prestigious institutions.


The management, academic heads and the coordinators are committed to provide quality education to MBBS and BDS students. I hope the state of the-art-technology dental labs, the various dental departments and different experts in the dental faculties will definitely help our institution to be the preferred learning destination in dental education.

I am happy to inform that we are catering to the health needs of the population through a well equipped hospital with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities with well equipped central oxygen supply system, modern anaesthetic equipment, ceiling fixed OT lights, modern operation table, cauaghtry, wall-suctions, invasive/non invasive monitors etc, in its operation theaters. The teaching hospital has added many expert services keeping in mind the demands of the people in its catchment area. The hospital is contineously providing quality services in critical care (SICU, MICU, PICU, NICU), neuro-medicine, spine surgery, paediatric surgery, uro-surgery, pulmonary medicine, sleep medicine and gynae/obstetrics services. In addition to this, the hospital supports many government programmes, namely safe-motherhood programme, DOTS, free dialysis for poor patients, family planning and immunization programme. 


I am delighted to inform all our parents, students and well-wishers that the teaching hospital is providing quality but affordable services in its premises. Private cabins/semi-private cabins, operation theatres with state-of-the-art technology, plenty of parking spaces, auditorium, air-conditioned classrooms with full audio-visual support, central library and hospital library, and internet facilities for supporting teaching learning activities are mention-worthy.


We invite help from likeminded partners to support us in the growth and development of the teaching hospital.

I invite you to come, join the KIST Medical College family. I am confident that the decision you take today will have a profound, positive influence on your child’s future personal and professional growth.

Thank You

Er. Ashish Thapa