KIST Teaching Hospital

Mahalaxmi Municipality, Ward No 1, Lalitpur, Nepal
Clinical Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory

Laboratory Services 

Various services offered in the department of Pathology are as

1. Histopathology & Cytopathology Unit

- Examination of minor biopsies and surgical specimens
- Performing special stains like Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS), Mucicarmine and Masson trichrome (MT) when needed 
- Frozen section facility on regular basis for per-operative diagnosis and further management
- Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) including USG or CT guided FNAC aided by ROSE technique for sample adequacy and sample triaging for cell block preparation and ancillary testing
- Cytological tests such as PAP smear, bronchial brush cytology and body fl uids examination like pleural, peritoneal and cerebrospinal fl uids

2. Hematology unit

- Routine hematological tests, Peripheral Blood Smear (PBS)
- Bone marrow examination for diagnosis of hematological abnormalities (Bone marrow aspiration, clot examination and bone marrow biopsies)

3. Microbiology unit

- Culture and sensitivity, serological tests and fungal tests including other related clinical pathological tests

4. Biochemistry unit

- Routine biochemical tests including Liver function tests, renal function tests, Lipid profi le etc backed up by fully automatic analyzer
- Hormonal tests like Thyroid function tests etc 
- Serum tumor markers for cancer management

5. Transfusion unit

- Whole blood storage, grouping and cross matchin